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The Kermodei (pronounced Ker-mo-dee) is unique a sub-species of the black bear family. The Kermodei (Urus Americanus Kermodei) is named after Dr. Francis Kermodei who recognized the recessive gene that gives the bear its unique characteristics. The Kermodei ranges in colour from dusty white to reddish-orange. Their colouring is the result of a recessive gene; this means black females can have white cubs, and the other way around, too.

A beautiful 12 pound Steelhead caught on the Kitimat River in early June.magine, for a moment, that your good friends live in the midst of the best salmon and steelhead fishing available in British Columbia...  Some of the best fishing in the world...

magine too, that your friends welcome you to stay in their spacious and comfortable home, and that they will take you fishing in all their favorite spots...  That these friends would serve you breakfast, pack a lunch for the river, and prepare dinners from local fresh fish and wild game...

llow us then, to turn your dreams into reality...  Allow us to introduce Ar-Dels Fabulous Fishing Adventures...  We are an exceptional guest house, licensed fishing guides, and your friends who await you in Terrace, British Columbia.

ocated in the community of Terrace, BC, Ar-Dels is only minutes from the Skeena River, and within an hour's drive to many other rivers.. The Skeena River and surrounding region are world renowned for nearly year-round salmon runs; from mid-winter to late fall, there is hardly a time when there is not salmon or steelhead to pursue in these waters.

fishers, hikers, travelers, sightseers - whatever your favorite activity - Ar-Dels is the perfect home base from which to embark on a special adventure.

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